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View-Master Single Reel Variants. The components of each pair are viewed simultaneously, one by each eye, thus simulating binocular depth perception. In Europe and England, where packets were introduced somewhat later than in the U.

We would like to find the value of these and possible sell for an Estate. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Which has the best picture, easiest to use? It also provides a history of the precursor to View-Master, how to say we are the stereoscope and detailed information on the collectability of stereoscopic photo sets.

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The take-over eliminated the main rival and also gained Tru-Vue's licensing rights to Walt Disney Studios. Kelly, I use a combination of containers. Collectors have devised a more or less standard classification system to identify the various packet styles. However, denmark it does not list reel variants. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

The Earliest Packets

Purple Clover

So, these are like, somebody's snapshots that were made into Viewmaster reels? There are a couple of Yahoo Groups ancient idea, I know but they have tons of information if you join and go through their archives. The Ultimate Reel List is an invaluable resource. After the development of the View-Master, Sawyer's, Inc.

It used C-cell batteries to power an internal lighting source. Though the look of the viewers themselves has changed over time the reels have remained consistent. The reels themselves have no writing that they are tests or training reels, just the sleeve states so. Hi All, I use the stereo photography many times in my free-time but I have no source to purchase empty reels. The Show Beam used small film cartridges that were plugged into the side of the toy.

Most vintage items are relatively inexpensive, but the price goes up exponentially for rare items. With only a few exceptions, copyright dates normally were not indicated on hand-lettered reels. Sawyer's capitalized on the opportunity and produced numerous reels featuring Disney characters. Of course, if the item is rare, value goes up exponentially. The viewer is not warped and very straight.

  1. Thank you for all the info you provide here!
  2. In person, check flea markets and second-hand stores.
  3. Can somebody knows where can I find the empty reels?
  4. Graves handled marketing for the products while Mayer ran the business.
  5. For example, in the early s, Canadian restaurant chain East Side Mario's used a View-Master reel as their dessert menu.
  6. Any View-Master brand viewer will show any View-Master brand reel from any decade.

You can still get Viewmaster cameras on Ebay, but be ready to cough up at least a couple of hundred bucks! The older single reels could be found in packets as late as the middle s, until Sawyer's depleted their inventory. For single reels I use vintage plastic containers created specifically for the purpose you can find them on ebay. Thereafter, Ed Mayer negotiated with Gruber while production methods and some marketing were developed.


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Viewmaster Reels

  • The View-Master had been constructed originally from Kodak Tenite plastic and then Bakelite, a hard, sturdy, somewhat heavy plastic.
  • Awesome list of resources, Rebecca!
  • The new numbering system also was used for the few single reels published from the mids onward.
  • However, it also helpfully provides scans of envelopes and packaging so if a collector acquires a set of reels without the original envelope it came in, they can print a reproduction from a.
  • The shorter focal length is much rarer but throws a larger, brighter picture and can be placed much closer to the screen, which is a plus if you're projecting in a normal-sized home.

There is also the View master black B. The List is viewable at any window size, but opening the window to your full screen width minimizes line-wraps within cells. Had not heard of that either. Have about three pack reels of every genre, in good condition, dating speed and want to sell. The relationship between View-Master and Disney has continued uninterrupted to the present day.

Vintage View-Masters and Reels

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View-Master Viewers
Collecting View-Master Viewers and Reels Rebecca Kilbreath

The annual event is a great chance to scoop up or swap items from other members. Can you suggest someone who may be interested? While this transfer of ownership ensured continuance of the View-Master line, the trend toward entertainment and juvenile titles continued as well. It was successful at first, dating cafe oostende but the line was discontinued in ten years.

View-Master Reels

Wikimedia Commons has media related to View-Master. The company also occupied a building next door at S. Or are they storebought Viewmaster reels from someone's personal collection?

Some friends of mine asked me to help them scan some of their personal Viewmaster reels, dating back to the mid's. He had the idea of updating the old-fashioned stereoscope by using the new Kodachrome mm color film, which recently had become available. What Viewmaster projector would be the best for my year-old autistic grandson?

Martinez, I also love that view, though I have become jaded over the years and it takes somebody else to point out how great it is. What do you use to store your collection in? Any suggestions on best way to accomplish that? In some cases these reels were stand-alone titles, such as B, Vanguard Launching at Cape Canaveral.

The print on the reals are measurements degrees and yards, The Disk number with no other letters such as S or T. The lightweight thermoplastic became the material of choice under Brost. The best way to find out what your item is worth is to search for it on eBay and check the completed and sold listings in the advanced search functions. If anybody is looking to exchange, let me know.

From comes this nice late-afternoon view of the Monorail as it shooshes over the lagoon. Otherwise all like new At my age time to reduce inventory so to speak and nice to go to a collector who appreciates the history of item. Are you still interested in buying Viewmaster reels? But don't be surprised if you see something from a World's Fair, Knott's Berry Farm, or someplace else that is cool! It is by far the most popular place for collectors to add to their collections.

The cards have images of the different view-masters, codes, and store placement for the merchandise guide. Mayer, deceased, Harold J. The site includes a long list of links for View-Master enthusiasts. There is also an area to view degree videos of each of the four View-Master projectors available on the collectors market. Higher values items are generally rare so this book provides a quick reference for what reels are rare and thus worth the added expense, even if the exact market price is outdated.

View-Master Reel Sleeves

Thank you very much for the good information. View-Master reels featured beautiful photography of famous places and people through the s. It was released in brown and black in the United States, and some other colors elsewhere. Thank you for your responses.

This is a limited edition book written by the foremost View-Master historians and collectors. Fisher-Price announced they would continue to produce reels of animated characters. The delightful thing about View-Master is that the size and shape of the reels have never changed, nor has the basic function of the viewer.

View-Master Model C - The first slotted ViewMaster

View-Master Reel Sleeves

GORILLAS DON T BLOG Personal Viewmasters of Disneyland

It is hoped that the site will be of value to collectors and can continue to be expanded in the future. Copyright dates, if any, are also listed. You can save a copy and track yours, too. Feld Entertainment Ringling Bros. Hmmm, it's beginning to sound a bit too familiar.

Wow, she is having tons of fun on King Arthur's Carrousel! Ken, sounds like a nice collection. View-Master items, by and large, are inexpensive. Plus a box of reels from the factory. Nanook, I am going to have to leave it to somebody else to answer the mystery of the high-waisted pants.

60 Years of View-Master History from Sawyers to Mattel

This website provides not only detailed information on every View-Master branded viewer in existence but a long list of knock-off brands with detailed photos and specifications. Yes, the yellow ones are ones I own. It lists every known reel by logical numeric or alphabetical grouping as well as every known variant in images. The takeover paid off further in with reels of the newly opened Disneyland.

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