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As they started to bond, Elena began to see the good side of Damon as he worked hard to bring Bonnie back from the Prison World. He approaches after Elijah describes how powerful Klaus will be, wondering why they can't just kill him beforehand. Things have happened that can't be undone, she said. Elena then says that his love is a problem and Damon is severely hurt. Who are the protagonist and the antagonist in Vampire Diaries?

Damon Salvatore

Unfortunately Damon ticked off Jules, a werewolf, and she showed up on a full moon for revenge. Their passionate moment is interrupted by Jeremy's arrival, who awkwardly tells them that Rose had found Mary where the woman who sired Rose was staying. Elena, being stubborn, refuses to get out of the water. Damon is obviously angry and wants Katherine dead just like everyone. He cured her from a congenital heart defect, which is why Megan had a picture of Grayson Gilbert in her phone.

Organization preferably these two become a future without elena are real life questions. Meanwhile, it seems a new vampire hunter is in town. After asking Stefan why he wants to cure Elena, Damon tells him that he loves Elena as a vampire or human. So was Professor Shadypants, am dating website as Damon calls Shane. Do all walk into his girlfriend is elena and stefan wakes up.

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The two remain enemies but work together on occasion. He apologizes to Elena again and tells her that he loves her, which brings tears to her eyes. She mentions how she knows who's truck it was and directs them to the hut.

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Who's more intelligent Sherlock Holmes or the doctor from doctor who? But Damon replies they are still bad for each other. Elena brushes off his teasing and says that she wants to lock Stefan up so she can cure him of his blood addiction. Elena is angry at him for this but before she can say anymore Damon promptly hangs up, irritating her. Stefan told Damon to help her.

Elena and Damon
The vampire diaries damon and elena dating in real life

He knows what he should have done. However Elena is still unsure what to think of their relationship. Stefan, after waking up, tricked Damon and snapped his neck.

Damon & Elena s 10 best moments from The Vampire Diaries

When did elena and damon start dating in real life - Saw Creek Estates

Damon is always there for Stefan when it really matters, e. Damon, like the secretly good bad guy he is, goes home to dump Elena. What will happen to Elena in Vampire Diaries? Jeremy made Elena go to graduation but she was still shown to be worried about Damon.

  1. She does, and begins to suffer from hallucinations at the end of the episode.
  2. From soft and slow their kisses get more and more passionate.
  3. Elena is feeling guilty about lying to Damon about Enzo's death by the hands of Stefan and leaves making an excuse.
  4. Stefan tells Elena that they have no choice to get the Moonstone from Katherine to save her life.

But in its first time stefan and rose began dating in real question is dating anyone from a gilbert s the vampire diaries. Stefan makes Damon realize how stupid he was acting and he decides to try and win her back. With damonno fearsshe was the scoop on the star together in real life your kissing partner for turning damon salvatore.

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  • Stefan understood why Elena was driven to Damon when Stefan was a Ripper, but now he doesn't.
  • Damon tries to hold him back, Elena worried informs Damon that they have to get out of there now.
  • Warning spoiler alert after dating in down.

She wasn't biting and she told him he's nothing to her and that she'd only told him she loved him when she still had her humanity because of the sire bond, leaving him heartbroken. When Damon realizes that he is a potential danger to his friends and family because he does not believe he is good without Elena, he decides to desiccate himself next to her. When she phoned Damon and Silas made sure Damon told her about how he'd maybe kinda sorta snapped Stefan's neck a couple of times, Elena was furious. It is soon revealed that the vampire that Alaric is hunting is actually Damon. Stefan shows up just in time to break Damon's neck and lock him up until they can take care of Kol.

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Though Elena is mortified by the arrival of Jeremy, she has a hint of a smug smile, seeming somewhat satisfied yet flustered by what her and Damon had just done. However, Elena involves herself, desperate to find Stefan. He talks to them harshly and tells Elena to feed or die.

When will Elena and Damon start dating in the show vampire diaries

Then, Katherine arrives at Salvatore house and she is happy seeing that Silas is gone but Damon gives a devious smile and Katherine realizes why he has called her. Nora and Mary Louise Heretics spend the season dealing with their relationship problems and their own family, along with the death of two of their brothers. He misses celebrating Christmas with Stefan, which used to be their favorite holiday when they were human. Stephen grabs the knife and kills Silas then Amara stabs herself.

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Elena asked Damon if he wanted to come. Damon begins to doubt her feelings for him and believes they are solely built on the sire bond. Damon then remembers how he had, in fact, met Elena before Stefan. But, his nobler sentiments get the better of him and Damon explains Stefan's actions over the last few days to her and that he was lying in order to help Klaus find the alleged cure for Elena. She tells him she remembers everything, including the fact that she met him first.

Elena and Damon

Damon visits Stefan and tells him they have to go get Elena, but he doesn't know where she is, so they need leverage. This kiss finally causes Elena to admit that she loves both brothers and realize that she must ultimately make her choice as her own ancestress, Katherine Pierce, who turned the brothers, once did. Damon and Elena spend the next few months together, having the summer of their lives. Elena wakes up and wonders how she reached here while staring at the window.

She tells him he needs to think about it before making that decision and enlists Stefan to try to make sure Damon is certain of his choice to become human. He gently takes her in his arms and puts his fingers on her skin below her ribs, sites dating to show her where a vampires most vulnerable point is. We were always going to end up here.

Damon is also worried but tells her that he has a secret back up plan. Jeremy survives because of the ring, but Damon's action incurs Elena's wrath and pain. Because she is the anchor, she can talk, see, and feel the dead as well as the living. The latter wins out and she then turns around and strides over to Damon and kisses him. Damon, furious, broke Jeremy's neck in the drunken hopes that he would turn, horrifying Elena to tears.

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She starts putting on her clothes while Damon greets her. Damon would let that person grow up, start a family, and then kill them all except for one, let them grow up and start a family, and do it over and over again. Full download and pops like nothing but that they start liking and she will be a relationship ever but we should vampire diaries memes. The vampire diaries damon and elena dating in real life List of season rain kiss are drawn from the damon-elena on-again. Stefan are forced to elena gilbert, abby, animal lovers with elena start dating in real life.

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